3 Mukhi Rudraksha


The 3 mukhi rudraksha represents Agni or Fire. Like fire, which burns and consumes everything yet remains pure and full of power.

3 mukhi rudraksha purifies a person from all sins committed in the past, those suffering from inferiority complex or fear or those experiencing self-hatred or mental strain should use this rudraksha it is also effective in removing laziness and making a person energetic.

Padma Puran assigns this rudraksha to Brahma - the Supreme Lord. 

Medicinal Properties :

3 mukhi rudraksha is used in disorders like blood pressure, diabetes, ailments of the stomach, fever, defects of eyes and even cancer.

If a child suffers from repeated occurrence of fever or is very weak, three beads of 3 mukhi rudraksha should be worn around the neck to get relief, for children below six years even wearing one bead may help.

Who Should Wear?

People suffering from any diseases, weakness, laziness or inferiority complex should wear 3 mukhi rudraksha.

It has been found to be particularly effective in controlling stress and in gaining self-confidence.

While children below six year can wear one bead, those above this age may wear a mala with 54+1 or 108+1 beads of Indonesian variety.

Mantras to be recited for three mukhi rudraksha : 

  • Om Kleem Namah 

  • Om Om Namah 

  • Om Dhum Dhum Namah 

  • Om Namah Shivaya

References : Kamal N Seetha (2014) The Power Of Rudraksha 

Beads : 3 Mukhi Rudraksha Number : 108+1 (Meru Bead) Size : 10.30mm Origin : Indonesia 
Beads : 3 Mukhi Rudraksha Number : 108+1 (Meru Bead) Size : 10.20mm  Origin : Indonesia 
Beads : 3 Mukhi Rudraksha Size : 38.30mm  Origin : Indonesia 
Beads : 3 Mukhi Rudraksha Size : 42.80mm  Origin : Indonesia 
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